What is PCHRP?

The Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) is an organizing committee of immigrant youth, students, professionals, workers and allies working together in solidarity to advance in the national democratic movement in the Philippines, in the United States through education, leadership development and political action. 



SOS - Save Our Schools

Formed in 2012, the Save Our Schools network was formed by indigenous peoples’ groups, educators and support groups to combine efforts to address the need to advocate and mobilize resources to serve the indigenous and children’s rights to education.

The network provides advocacy and services to the community schools that are recognized by the Department of Education Indigenous People’s Education Office (Ipseo). They uphold these schools’ programs that instill cultural heritage and pride to protect their culture and ancestral and against the encroachment of multinational investments, and instead promote a sustainable, community-based development program.



A Concert for Human Rights in the Philippines

A Concert for Human Rights in the Philippines


Celebrating Filipino-American History Month With Filipino Eats Week PDX

In celebration of Filipino-American History Month, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) is organizing the first ever “Filipino Eats Week PDX” during October 22-29th, 2017. This week-long event asks community members to eat at Filipino owned restaurants. They want to bring awareness to the contributions of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans to the Portland community. Organizers say an emphasis will be placed on highlighting the histories of Filipino dishes and the stories of the Filipinos that serve these dishes as a way to discuss Filipino-American history, identity, and experience. For many immigrant communities, food represents an important connection to culture, community, and resistance. 

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No to fascism in the USA! No to airstrikes in the Philippines!

On August 12th, antifascists, antiracists, radical queers, anarchists and socialists marched from a militant event in solidarity with the Charlottesville martyrs to join an event denouncing one of the american regime's latest threats overseas. Pentagon officials are reportedly considering escalating US military involvement in the Philippines to include a new bombing mission. The event was hosted by local organizers of the International League of People's Struggle US. [fb]

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