November 22, 2014

Reference: Rossella De Leon
Chairperson, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP),, (503) 915-7283

Progressive Filipinos and Human Rights Advocates in Portland Join Together to Commemorate International Human Rights Day

Portland, OR -- Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) will hold “For Whom: We Rise Together, International Human Rights Day” on December 10, 2014  at 6:30pm. The cultural event, which will be held in the Native American Student and Community Center at Portland State University, aims to reach a broad audience from Portland and to build bridges and solidarity across communities in an effort to raise awareness about human rights violations nationally and globally.  Performers at the event include, but are not limited to human rights advocates from PCHRP, PSU Kaibigan, Brown Girl Pride, All-African People's Revolutionary Party, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, Black Student Union, and the Portland Human Rights Commission. For Whom: We Rise Together will showcase cultural performers who will share with the audience for whom they do the crucial community work that they do. At the event, there will also be a designated sacred space where community members could honor and celebrate the lives of people lost through human rights violations.

“International Human Rights day is a day of solidarity and remembrance of people all over the world who are repressed by human rights violations - those who are marginalized, oppressed, systematically silenced, killed, disappeared, imprisoned, or who have lost family members due to state violence,” Kenneth Crebillo, PCHRP Cultural Officer, stated. “This is also a day in which we honor and remember the ways people all over the world are resisting these systems of repression through struggles of liberation,” Crebillo added.

Through musical and dance performances and visual exhibits, “For Whom” is an event aimed at shedding light on the human rights violations happening here on U.S. soil, including police brutality and state repression as in the case with the ongoing movement for justice for Michael Brown in Ferguson, the increasing violence against the LGBTQIAA community, the lack of recognition for the rightful natives of the stolen land we all continue to occupy, and the continuous abuse of undocumented people who are treated as less than humans. Additionally, this event will include international solidarity to the people of Palestine who are subjected to air strikes and military violence every day, the people of Hong Kong in peaceful protest against the Beijing government that is encroaching on their freedom, and all the repressed people all over the world who seek true justice and fight for a world rid of human rights violations.

As an organization, PCHRP highlights the role of the U.S. intervention and militarization in the Philippines and the increased human rights violations committed on the Filipino people in the Philippines. Notably, the recent case of the death of Jennifer Laude, a transgender Filipina woman who was allegedly murdered by U.S. Marine Joseph Pemberton on October 11, 2014, brings to light the ways in which U.S. military occupation in the Philippines endangers the lives of Filipino women, children, and LGBTQ people. This historic trend of treating the Philippine Islands and its people as a place for “rest and recreation” activities correlates to the uptick in prostitution and abuse in and around bases.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Kenneth Crebillo at For more information about PCHRP, please visit

Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: Native American Student and Community Center
Portland State University
710 SW Jackson St.
Portland, OR 97201