No to fascism in the USA! No to airstrikes in the Philippines!


On August 12th, antifascists, antiracists, radical queers, anarchists and socialists marched from a militant event in solidarity with the Charlottesville martyrs to join an event denouncing one of the american regime's latest threats overseas. Pentagon officials are reportedly considering escalating US military involvement in the Philippines to include a new bombing mission. The event was hosted by local organizers of the International League of People's Struggle US. [fb]

Aerial bombings by the American-trained Philippine military under the guise of fighting ISIS have already reduced the Muslim-majority city of Marawi to rubble, killed innocent civilians, driven over 400,000 to flee, and transformed the surrounding areas into refugee camps. President Duterte’s declaration of martial law has only made things worse. Trump-like, he threatens to bomb indigenous-run schools because he thinks they are training grounds for the anti-capitalist New People's Army. Duterte has unilaterally suspended peace talks with them and calls for all-out-war and genocide.

The systems of mercenaries of american capital, the cops and soldiers, are the same everywhere. They are protecting the scum of the earth at rallies like the one in Charlotteville or similar ones in Portland, and using neocolonial treaties they protect their friends who rape and murder in the Philippines.

At this event, we met in a park in the shadow of a statue of Teddy Roosevelt, the genocidal president who turned the Philippines from a Spanish colony into an American one through the betrayal of Filipino democrats and a bloody colonial war. It was not lost on us that the pretext of the violence in North Carolina was the removal of a similar statue.

The program of the event included cultural sharing, a history lesson, speakers from allied organizations, and chants in tagalog, english, and spanish. Afterwards, members of groups of many different tendencies exchanged contact information and pledged to cooperate more closely to help build local and international solidarity for the fight against fascism, capitalism-imperialism, and white supremacy. Everyone was invited to an event where people who attended the recent 'Solidarity and Fightback: Building Resistance to US-led War, Militarism and Neofascism' conference in Toronto would report back on what they experienced and learned there.