Executive Committee Officers

Organizational Development Officer

LyLy Dinh
Telephone: (678) 773-0938
Email: lylydinh@gmail.com

Educational Committee Officer

Corina Dela Rosa
Telephone: (503) 804-0857
Email: nikkicorina@gmail.com

Mass Campaigns Committee Officer

Cody Urban
Telephone: (875) 318-9308
Email: urbanator@rcn.com 

Solidarity Committee Officer

Tighearnan Lee
Telephone: (916) 204-7037
Email: Seighin5@gmail.com 

Finance Committee Officer

Joanie Barnard
Telephone: (503) 875-6907
Email: joanie.a.barnard@gmail.com


Nikki De Leon
Telephone: (503) 915-7689
Email: nikkimdeleon@gmail.com

For general questions, or to find out more information about PCHRP, please feel free to email us: PortlandCHRP@gmail.com

Social Media

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Instagram: portlandchrp

Twitter: @PortlandCHRP

Facebook: PortlandCHRP