Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines presents: 

In honor and celebration of the struggles, resiliency, and victories of ALL self-identifying women/womyn around the world, PCHRP brings you THE POWER PROJECT, a visual project that encapsulates the dynamic and rich lives of women in the Portland area.

We seek to use this project as a way to build solidarity among the multiplicity of nations, ethnicities, and cultures that create a Portland culture of resistance and fight. We also aim to highlight the powerful ways in which we thrive as women, in the face of intense attacks on our livelihoods, our bodies, and our communities.

Participants have been invited to share their stories, poetries, photographies, and other creative pieces related to the International Working Women's Day's theme of solidarity, fighting spirit, resistance, and empowerment. They were also invited to answer the question,

What makes you feel powerful?
We invite you to see the faces representing women from the multiciplity of communities in the Portland area. Together, we rise with women globally in representation and power. Click the pictures to check it out!