I will not consider myself “powerful” but my story can be! If I can inspire one person with my story, I have served my purpose.

Almost two years ago I received the worst phone call of my life!  Confirmed!  It's "cancer"!  Breast cancer!

 I did not know what to think!  I did not know what to say!  I was helpless.

All of sudden, I have so many hospital appointments...I have to be in the hospital almost every day!  Two or three appointments in a day!  I have to talk to different doctors, nurses, social worker, you name it...

Surgery happened so was chemotherapy! The “evil” treatment...10 days after my 1st session of chemo, I lost my hair!  It was physically excruciating and I was emotionally beaten up.

I survived 4 series of chemo treatment...thank God!  But treatment doesn't end there.

Radiation was scheduled right after...daily for 6 weeks...5 minutes to dress up and 5 minutes for the radiation process.  No big deal right!  I thought I was fine until the final week.  I was getting weary!  Exhausted!  Burned skin! Sting!  But I did not give up hence I made it!  

Recovery time!  Oh goodness, how could I be so worn-out? But wait, my hair is growing back...slowly!

Why do I have cancer?  What did I do?  Why me?  How could this happen to me?  I am not a saint but definitely not a bad person so why me? These were my questions and no one can answer them...

Knowing that I do not have the right to question God but I turned to Him.

Well, God knows my sufferings and all He ask is to remain faithful to Him.  Trust Him, do not worry and He will take care of me.  I may have been praying daily but I think it wasn’t hard enough.  Therefore, I prayed harder...I certainly not prayed this much in all my life.  I went to church even when I can't get up.  I pleaded for His forgiveness and mercy.

Cancer drew me closer to God. I felt His love.  He opened my eyes.  He showed me His love in so many ways.  He gave me all the reason to fight and live.  I have a wonderful husband who’s taking care of me.  My kids.  My whole family helped me with this battle. And friends all over the world prayed for me...

I may have lost my breasts but I gained love and respect.  There may be time that I am physically weak but in return I acquired stronger spirit.  I lost my long dark hair but look at me now, I get compliments everywhere I may be with the hair I have.  

I may have cancer but I will never give up!  I may not able to do few things but I still can accomplish a lot of things…and to name a few…visit different states/places, watch my kids play sports, attend my yearly high school reunion, grow old with my husband…my list can go on and on…

Life is too short! Enjoy and be thankful!