PCHRP is an organization composed of Filipino and Filipino American immigrant youth, students, professionals, workers, and allies working together in solidarity to advance the national democratic movement of the Philippines in the U.S. through education, leadership development, and political action. PCHRP is a member organization of International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines, a global network of organizations outside the Philippines, concerned about the human rights situation in the Philippines and committed to campaign for just and lasting peace in the country and the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, a global formation of people’s organizations and movements that strives to realize the unity, cooperation, and coordination of anti-imperialist and democratic struggles around the world.

The general members are the highest decision making body of the organization. They set the thrust and chart the direction of the organization, approve the general plans and other major documents of the organization, and elect the Executive Committee (EC) annually at the General Assembly.

For inquiries, please send us an email @ portlandchrp@gmail.com


Committee System

Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines consists of five functioning committees that work together to agitate, organize, and mobilize the community around issues Filipinos face in the United States and the Philippines. It starts with educating our communities and turning that knowledge into action


Joanie Barnard

Organizational Development Committee

The Organizational Development committee helps to oversee the health and development of the organization and its membership. We help build the foundation for the organization through recruitment, consolidation, and management of social media, organizational documents and communications. Essentially, the committee attempts to bridge the gap between our education and mobilization, essentially helping to use our knowledge to create action. There are different mediums in which people learn and there are a lot of ways in which we can mobilize. Our committee explores different approaches wherein each individual can use their interests to create action towards a just society.

Organizational Development Officer

Copeland Downs

Education Committee

The purpose of the Educational (ED) Committee is to provide education to deepen our knowledge on the current worsening conditions of the Philippines and offer ways in how we can be a part of addressing these issues and systems in the United States. We aim to expand what people know about the Philippines, currently and historically. We offer education through many different mediums, including workshops, people's school, films, and discussions. Not only do we offer education to raise the consciousness of our members and the general Portland community of Portland, but also to link the knowledge of basic rights to that of the National Democratic Movement in the Philippines. The education committee also functions to serve as a production wing of the organization by making prop work to make our political line accessible to all folks. Education committee prop work can consist of anything including but not limited to: songs, poetry, pamphlets, posters, banners, dances, plays, albums, picket signs, prints, paintings, comics, etc. that can be used to sell for the organization. The education committee not only serves as prop, but can be utilized for alternative means of education for the organization and the masses.

Educational Committee Officer

Sam Erbs

Mass Campaigns Committee

Mass Campaigns Committee focuses on campaigns based on current situations that are affecting Filipino's here in the United States and also in the Philippines. We coordinate our campaigns with Bayan USA and Bayan Philippines. We coordinate official statements, propaganda, and educational discussions surrounding human right's violations. We also have bi-weekly meetings as a committee to keep up with our campaigns yearly.

Mass Campaigns Committee Officer

Jessie Braverman

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