Let Charlottesville Advance the Mass Movement Against Trump and Hate!!!

The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle vehemently condemns the violent aggression unleashed by white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Charlottesville police on anti-racist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday that led to at least one death and dozens injured.

We applaud and join the continuing struggle in the South and across the US to fight the current wave of white supremacist groups emboldened by the hate and racist rhetoric of the Trump administration. We condemn the Trump administration for creating the climate favorable for the Ku Klux Klan, the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups to obtain permits in order to organize their own parades in Charlottesville and other cities.

The lessons of Charlottesville reinforce the lessons of Ferguson, Baltimore, and all other US cities where police killings of Black people and other racist attacks are handled with impunity--  that the US financial oligarchy continues to be white supremacist at its core and uses the militarized police state as an extension of chattel slavery to suppress and divide the working class along racial lines and profit off the suppression and incarceration of black and brown bodies.

Delusional Ruling Class

The ruling 1% (aka financial oligarchy) with Trump at its head is just as delusional as the frustrated racist and xenophobic white workers it panders for it believes it can keep the US working class rage at bay despite the worsening economic crisis caused by monopoly capitalism in the US. It is the same monopoly capitalism birthed from the backs of African chattel slaves in the US; the same monopoly capitalism that feeds itself through wars of aggression and militarism overseas for control of territories, markets, and natural resources because it is in crisis.

The Trump administration continues to fail the American people despite its arrogant pronouncements and its attempt to win over the working class. Because it continues to cling onto neoliberal economic policies that enforce privatization and deregulation, the Trump administration has failed to create jobs. It has failed to provide healthcare and access to education for working families. It has failed to solve the worsening housing crisis. It has failed to resolve the rising debt working families are facing. It continues to fail the working class in favor of ensuring super-profits for the ruling class by privatizing the public commons, and ensuring the rule of billionaires who control the US Congress.

These fanatics unabashedly believe  they can steal public funds from social programs and funnel $639 billion in US tax dollars for war production with the approval of the American people. They attempt to divert our attention by feeding us lies  from the media  that terrorists such as ISIS and so-called dictators like Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela are the real enemies and therefore must be met with military aggression and intervention.  As long as we believe that Muslims, immigrants, and Black people are to blame for the impacts of the crisis in the US, the greedy 1% bandits are absolved from their accountability to the working class for generating the crisis.

History’s Lessons

As history proves, delusions can only go so far. The objective impacts of the crisis cannot be covered up and blamed on others.

The protests calling out the rottenness of this system are expanding to other parts of the US rapidly, and the people’s outrage from brutal attacks like Charlottesville only fan the fire. The people are proving that solidarity grows despite the intensifying repression and tactics of the racist police state. ILPS member organizations in the US are amongst those joining the ongoing demonstrations and actions.

Our justified outrage over Charlottesville, the murder of Heather Heyer at the hands of white supremacy, the systemic extrajudicial killings of black and brown people, the military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, the increase in ICE raids, immigrant detention and deportations will all lead to greater strength and unity of the US working class across racial, religious, and ethnic lines in the movement against Trump and the ruling 1%. We must join forces with our sisters and brothers across the globe to bring down US imperialism!