The PCHRP Womxn's Desk leading the One Billion Rising Dance

The PCHRP Womxn's Desk leading the One Billion Rising Dance

The Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) Womxn’s* Desk joins GABRIELA USA for this year’s One Billion Rising REVOLUTION (OBR) on February 14th. In honor and celebration of the struggles, resiliency, and victories of women we are launching a visual storytelling project that encapsulates the dynamic and rich lives of Filipina migrant womxn primarily in Portland, Oregon, but also around the world. Every day until March 8th (International Working Women’s Day) we will feature a migrant Filipina’s story through social media.

Through OBR, we hope to build solidarity multi-generationally between Filipinas. Filipina migrants have courageously paved a path for women in Portland and other areas of the US, while continuing to build their lives in their resiliency. We believe in the right of women to resist, rebel, organize themselves, and engage in all acts of self defense towards self-determination. Particularly with GABRIELA USA’s theme of uniting and rising against Forced-Migration, Displacement and State Repression, we focus on migrant storytelling uplifting the lived experiences of womxn who have been directly and indirectly affected. Noting the connections, we aim to learn from our Filipina migrant sisters and connect their lives to lives of many womxn from around the world who are facing heightened attacks on their ability to live freely and genuinely. These stories show how Filipina womxn have risen in their communities. We encourage you to not only read their stories, but to also think about all the amazing womxn you have met in your life and engage in their migration stories of resistance.

What can you do to be a part of One Billion Rising Revolution?

We invite you to take some time today and/or on the 19th to rise in dance to honor womxn all over the world. If you also hold a migration story to share or to tell, we would be honored to learn and document your experiences as we continue to ‘herstoricize’** our dynamic and rich Filipina heritage for the next generation.

Learn and dance One Billion Rising.
Together we will Strike, Dance, Rise!

*The spelling of womxn instead of women is to offer a more inclusive spelling of the word. “The “x” is meant to be an inclusive and progressive term that stands for the many different identities and struggles, andintersectionalities.”

**Herstoricize to focus on the stories of womxn.

Filipina Migrant Stories

Please click on a photo below to read more about each Filipina!