GABRIELA Portland members on their General Assembly. Founding day on March 8th, 2016 (International Working Womxn's Day).

GABRIELA Portland members on their General Assembly. Founding day on March 8th, 2016 (International Working Womxn's Day).

For Immediate Release
March 8, 2016
Reference: Angelica Lim, Chairperson, GABRIELA Portland,

Portland Filipinos Commemorate International Working Women’s Day
and the Launch of GABRIELA Portland

“Women Hold up Half the Sky.”

Portland, OR -- On March 8th, Filipinos in Portland, Oregon gathered to talk story and lift up the voices of migrant Filipinas for a night of migrant stories and celebration. Highlighting the stories of the fighting spirit and resilience of multi-generational migrant women in the Portland area, March 8th: International Working Women’s Day, was the culmination of a three-week long project that was launched on February 14th for the One Billion Rising REVOLUTION Campaign. We hold the spirit of International Working Women’s Day, the struggle and resistance of working women in their workplaces, and recognize that Filipina migrant workers are at the core of those who are most affected. We unite with GABRIELA USA to end all forms of violence including state repression, fascism, militarization, and wars of aggression.  Just as we are taking part in struggles to defend our land, our jobs, our livelihood and our rights, we must join in the struggle for a just and lasting peace in our homeland and around the globe. More than a century after International Working Women’s Day was established, this day is especially important for us as young Filipino women in the U.S. advocating for the rights and welfare of Filipino women at home and abroad.

March 8th also acts as the historic launching of GABRIELA Portland, a collective of Pinay workers, mothers, students, professionals, and LGBTQ pinays who are advancing the Filipina militant mass movement in the Philippines. Drawing from the legacy of GABRIELA Silang, a revolutionary leader who lead an army against Spanish colonizers, GABRIELA Portland will take up the charge to organize and fight against oppressive forces that attack our livelihoods and our bodies. We link our struggle to those of Filipinas in the motherland, and we fight for national and social liberation.

GABRIELA Portland will continue to uphold the rights and welfare of the most exploited Filipinas, the migrant workers, and will continue to expand its ranks among Filipina migrant workers and unite the militant fighting spirit of women against imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, and feudalism. It is only with the toppling of these three basic problems can the forced migration of Filipino women be stopped, the exploitation of Filipinas both in the Philippines and the United States be ended, and the liberation of the Filipino people will be realized.

We seek to connect our current conditions as Filipina workers, students, mothers, professionals, and LGBTQIGNC* in the United States to that of our motherland through educating, organizing and mobilizing. Through our organizing, we will campaign on women-based issues including violence against women, not just in the form of interpersonal, but economic, state repression, forced migration, and issues that affect LGBTQ.  We are committed to working for genuine national liberation and democracy in the Philippines. Through the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines, we will win liberation for all Filipinos living in the diaspora and sovereignty for the Philippines.





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Angelica Lim, Chairperson
Adrianne Sebastian, Vice Chairperson
Trisha Elizarde-Miller, Secretary General
Emily Rice, Deputy Secretary General
Geleen Abenoja, Finance Officer