I feel powerful after taking charge of my own life after cowering for years in an abusive marriage. I was like the frog who willingly entered into in a pot of cold water, content with my situation. I was married, and raising a family. Like the proverbial frog, I didn’t notice when the water slowly warmed, and by the time I realized I was in a pot of boiling water it was nearly too late to jump and flee. The verbal and emotional abuse (portrayed in my collage) began slowly, so subtly I had no problem seeing past the vicious words. My own self-worth withered, as did my confidence and self esteem. I had lost my power. It wasn’t until I finally realized the effect his words had on our children and their future expectations for appropriate relationships that I finally made the leap. I earned an MS, found a good job, and raised three amazing children on my own, with the powerful support of family, friends, and my spiritual community. As my children grow, each of their successes continues to boost my feelings of power!