PCHRP stands with the workers of NutriAsia as they fight for just and fair working conditions

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The Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) call for solidarity with NutriAsia workers and condemn the illegal and violent strike-breaking by the Philippine National Police (PNP) at their picket.

NutriAsia is a multi-national corporation (MNC) controlled by the billionaire Joselito Campos. One subsidiary is Del Monte Foods, most known in the US for S&W, Contadina, College Inn, and Del Monte brand processed foods.

In the Philippines, NutriAsia workers producing popular Filipino condiments work unpaid overtime in unsafe conditions for about $7 a day. They constantly fear being injured on the job and subsequently being fired for missing work. The vast majority of workers are repeatedly re-hired on short term contracts and denied the small protection of regular employment. NutriAsia and its management abuse and terrorize workers, telling them it is illegal to unionize.

On June 4, 2018, workers of NutriAsia began a strike sparked by the firing of 50 of their co-workers, including 5 union leaders. 200 workers from Nagkakaisang Manggagawa ng NutriAsia Inc (Unified Workers of NutriAsia Inc) set up a picket in front of the main gate of the facility. The picket blocked trucks from entering or exiting the facility and forced the management to suspend production. They demanded the reinstatement of the fired workers and to respect the Department Of Labor and Employment order commanding the Owners of Nutriasia to regularize all its workers.  Immediately, the company requested a temporary restraining order against the workers from the courts. Not only was it swiftly approved, but two additional orders were granted. As the strike went on, the workers faced physical attacks. The police arrested, beat, and threatened to shoot striking workers.

The collusion between NutriAsia and the Republic of the Philippines is clear. Protecting businesses and profit  is more important than the well-being and rights of workers.

On the other side, Filipinos are unifying to resist this illegal attack on the democratic rights of the workers of NutriAsia. Daily contingents of students, youth, church people, and others are joining the workers at the picket line to learn about their struggle and support their demands. They are finding alternative condiments in response to the workers’ call to boycott NutriAsia products.

PCHRP calls for the people of the US to inform ourselves and others about the human rights situation in the Philippines, and to show our solidarity with people who are suffering under the increasingly fascist, US-allied Duterte regime.

  • We support the striking NutriAsia workers!
  • We support the boycott of NutriAsia!
  • We call for an end to the PNP’s human rights abuses!

If you or your union, student group, church group, or other organization want to sign onto this statement and take up the cause of solidarity with the workers, the boycott, and human rights in the Philippines, please contact us at: portlandchrp@gmail.com

PCHRP is accepting contributions for the worker’s strike fund on Venmo @Portland_CHRP.