I am passionate about the empowerment of human beings through learning. I recently had the privilege to hear Dr. Tricia Rose speak on “Equity, Opportunity and Excellence: Strategies for Making All Students Successful.” During her incredibly powerful talk, she reminded us that
we cannot solve a problem that we do not fully understand. I was inspired to continue to seek deeper knowledge so that I can meaningfully contribute as a change agent for true educational equity.


Finding Voice
By: Randi Petrauskas Harris

I look towards the moon
for guidance through the dark
clouds in my view,
gasping for air,
my voice.

Waiting my turn,
for permission,
to speak
my breath is lost.
My heart beats
a sound inside.

To be heard is not
the same as being listened to.

I wait until morning,
before the sun appears
watching the wind in the grass,
Listening to the trees,

My heart beats as my
throat clears the way
for a song.