Since 2004, indigenous people’s organizations partnered with other community organizations in Mindanao, Philippines to build and sustain local schools in rural areas that have lacked access to education. The Salungpongan schools for indigenous children seek to provide a relevant curriculum that is both transformative and empowering for young people. Despite challenges such as the devastating effects of Typhoon Pablo and most recently the military occupation of these community schools, the people continue to advocate for education. Salungpongan schools also serve the community with their health clinics and nurseries and community farms. Their grassroots efforts led to the establishment of at least 50 schools serving nearly 3,000 students from early childhood to the high school years.

Who will receive my funds?
Salupongan International, a solidarity network of organizations, institutions and individuals dedicated to the unity and empowerment of marginalized rural communities in Southern Philippines through international solidarity, campaigns advocacy and basic social services. It is a network inspired by the aspirations of the Manobo Talaingod tribe who united their villages and defended their ancestral land and rainforest from being destroyed by corporate loggers decades ago in the Southern Mindanao Region of the Philippines. 

Today, they continue to protect their ancestral land, educate their children and empower their communities in the spirit and legacy of Salupongan Ta’ Tanu Igkanugon “Unity in Defense of Ancestral Land”. 

Salupongan International is committed to sustaining culture-responsive basic education programs and schools that help Lumad students and communities obtain their basic right to an education.

Where does my donation go?
Donations from generous sponsors are used to fund the basic needs of the schools, including basic supplies for their students and teachers.

Adopt a Learner for a Year
1 School bag P200
School Supplies P800
Textbooks P1,500
Food P12,000
2 Sets Uniform P1,000
TOTAL: $334 (P15,500)

Adopt a Class for a Year
30 Learners 1 Community Teacher
TOTAL: $11,111 (P500,000)

Adopt a Community Teacher for a Year
The community teacher is a volunteer and only receives a stipend to cover his/her living costs.

Food Allowance P48,000
Teaching Supplies P500
Workbooks P500
2 Sets School Clothes P1,000
TOTAL: $ 1,111 (P50,000)

Adopt a School Building
The school building includes a classroom, tables & chairs for 30 learners, blackboard, book shelves, toilet, and the teacher’s quarters. Supervision and labor will be the community’s counterpart but we need food support for those who will work on the building.

Building Materials (200,000)
Food (60,000)
TOTAL: $5,777 (P260, 000)

What else can I do? Join other youth from all over the US in a solidarity mission with the Kabit Bisig Kabataan Network this summer and visit the schools! Participate in community rebuilding efforts in the Visayas and Mindanao by planting a tree, rebuilding a school, or doing healing psychosocial activities with young survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Visit our Facebook: Kapit Bisig Kabataan